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Present your imaginations in front of the world without giving up its colors!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AutoCAD is a revolutionary 3D and 2D designing suite developed for professionals. It lets you weave wonders with its wide range of built-in tools and functions even though you may find it a bit hard to handle. AutoCAD 2015 is the latest version of the software available today, which comes with only minor tune-ups and facelifts from the previous version.

The software lets you do projects in an astonishing manner without compromising anything that blossom on your mind. With greatest detailing and all modeling options available, AutoCAD becomes the best professional’s pal. Beginners may find it a bit harder to tame the tools, as the software focuses on professional level productivity. All you need is just basic knowledge in 3D designing to make your first step in AutoCAD.

Enter the 3-Dimensional world of infinite possibilities through AutoCAD. It is software to tune up your creativity to a higher level. All you need is a powerful PC.


  • Advanced 3D editing facilities for professionals
  • Great texture support results in greater detailing
  • Very efficient and less resource usage


  • Beginners cannot use it with ease
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Create 2D and 3D Designs with the New AutoCAD 2014

By Ivy Paloma

On Thursday, April 3, 2014

When designing buildings, objects and anything with precision in 3D or even 2D, I find AutoCAD 2014 the most complete software to do the job. Before I started using it, I had to go through an extensive documentation that goes along with its series of tutorials. I also had to get a powerful computer to run it, which does not come at a low price. Nonetheless, it was all worth it and I’ll tell you why.

AutoCAD is incredibly versatile. It is suitable for both 3D and 2D drawings which allow users like me to customize almost every aspect of my designing process. In recent years, the intuitive interface has been improved at a high level that now makes it easier for me to identify different available functions. I can create DWG files and edit them quickly and, now that the software is available on Mac, I can even work across platforms too.

On the other hand, I know some colleagues that don’t like it whenever they use the software to edit their designs and plans. Updating plans and designs has to be done very carefully because related files are not automatically updated. Even when a little detail in a section of a building design is changed, the entire plan has to be manually changed.

In addition to this, the biggest turn-off for many users is the cost. AutoCAD 2014 doesn’t come cheap. It is one of the most expensive software I have ever purchased. However, its complexity and power justified the cost more for many professionals.


  • Can be used to create a plan in 2D and 3D
  • Provides many features for its users
  • Enables users to create and edit DWG files in different platforms
  • Contains many features for customization


  • Requires powerful computer to operate it
  • Costs more than other CAD software
  • Difficult to learn and master
  • Cannot be printed in PDF version
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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, January 26, 2015

AutoCAD 2015

People involved in architectural designs and other kinds of big object design have a lot to thank AutoDesk Inc who developed this fantastic program. The work of images and objects design have gone along way after the program’s development. It comes with very well designed features and tools that enables users to produce object images of high quality in very short times.

You can create and modify drawings in 2D and 3d using its intelligent features and assisted functions making workflow become extremely easy. This program can store and download free templates that can be used to lessen workload.

Some of the notable special features that come with the program includes:

• Connection between your created images and the environmental surroundings

• A design feed option that enables you to communicate with your co-workers

• A well stocked library where you can view, select and edit materials

• Its user interface can be customized for specific projects

• Social media interaction (i.e Facebook and Twitter)


  • It makes the work of design easy and of high quality
  • Comes with many advanced tools and features


  • It is a rather complicated program to use
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to study the autocad and learn the new features it possess and enhance my ability in doing computer aided designs in both mechanical and architectural

  • Designing house and roof plans for my clients and to learn more of its use compered to those passed evasions of Autocad hopefully i will be giving feedback

  • for study,our teacher require us to download this software in order to prepar his class,so i am here ,thank for your sevice,i really appreciate it.

  • i'm going to use the program for my personal interest. I wan't to add more knowledge in autocadd. please give me a chance. thank you very much

  • To learn how to use the program and practice designing small projects for myself. The more that I can do will help me alot with my draughting course.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used archicad before and now I want to try and see what I can do with Autocad 2016. i am hoping it is easier to use for generating 3d

  • I am a student for civil engineer. the civil engineers most need autocad software because they have to design different building drawings .

  • We have been Using Solid Edge ut it will not allow us to process large DWG files. too bad isn;t it. hence a trial version of the proper au

  • I ave used autocad for school purposes. I need to download this program on my computer in order to finish one of my assignments. It will be very useful.

  • I used Auto Cad 2004. AutoCAD is one of the most powerfull programe for Designing and as well as for drafting. In a short time man can desgin very complecated project.

What do you like most about this program?
  • AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used to create blueprints for buildings, bridges, and computer chips, among other things. Discover how

  • Autocad is so interesting and it helps me to do my job clearly. I like most in this program is the 3d drawing and the coloring background too

  • i would like to download it because i need to program and create new design and actual drawing somemore easier for me to attach other doc in future..

  • Drafting and Design options available are very good to do using this software. I think that it is one of the best softwares for 2d and 3d drawings

  • very easy to design and drawing for mechanical, interior and civil.we can make 3d drawings so we can see the result of job before manufacturing.

AutoCAD is a CAD utility (Computer-aided design) that will assist you with your images and designing objects. This software allows you to program free templates and designs in an easy way and to download different elements from the Internet.

Developed by Autodesk Inc. AutoCAD creates and modifies drawing in 2D and 3D. Its assisted functions make easier the workflow, thanks to the intelligent features that are included in this program. The reason for choosing a CAD tool is because of its way of processing figures and the aid the tools offers to you when you create your different projects.

Those who have tried this kind of application know how handful is a bit of help when you have to design a building or a big object as soon as possible. This software can help you with your work.

Program your designs with this software

One of the classical uses of AutoCAD is architecture of industrial design, but it really does what you need. It is not an easy program and it will take you time to get used to all its functions. You can take a look around the Internet and look for some tutorials to get into 3D Modelling & CAD.

Once you know how the application works you will start creating all kind of objects or modify default items. There are plenty useful functions included such as 3D rendering or scanned drawing capture.

Variety of tools for you

AutoCAD provides you with some interesting functions that will make easier the creation of your different designs. Among these there is the 3D Free-Form Design Tool which allows you to manipulate the objects, pulling different sides and changing its shape. AutoCAD also has scanned drawing capture which is pretty useful; it consists on digitalize your hand drawing and it allows to alter the item.

However, if don’t have enough with the tools it offers by default you can get more with add-ins. This allows you to have even a greater variety of functions for your work. Thanks to its high performance engine all the objects you create with this application will have a great quality.

Competitors like Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture or FlashCAD ccan’t get to its level and are considered more basic tools that are available to download in case you are interested. If you need a great a powerful design tool this is your best option.

AutoCAD 2016 Features

Below there are the main features of this CAD utility:

  • Design Feed option to let you communicate with your co-workers
  • Files sync thanks to Autodesk 360 connectivity and improved Ribbon interface
  • Social media integration (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Library to view, select and edit materials
  • Improved Autodesk Exchange App
  • User Interface can be customized for specific projects
  • Connection between your design and real environments (live maps)
  • Design free 3D shapes
  • Designs classified in multiple tabs to give easier access in one single window
  • Autodesk Inventor Fusion
  • Option to delete duplicate objects
  • Annotate scales to apply on your objects
  • Reality capture option
  • Secure load to prevent AutoLISP and VBA apps running

If you want to know more about this software, click here .


AutoCAD is the CAD utility more complete nowadays. It will fulfill your expectations once you get used to its free and intuitive workflow.

  • Great tools
  • Powerful engine
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to download
  • Hard to use
  • Expensive license