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AutoCAD 2016

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AutoCAD is a CAD utility (Computer-aided design) that will assist you with your images and designing objects. This software allows you to program free templates and designs in an easy way and to download different elements from the Internet.

Developed by Autodesk Inc. AutoCAD creates and modifies drawing in 2D and 3D. Its assisted functions make easier the workflow, thanks to the intelligent features that are included in this program. The reason for choosing a CAD tool is because of its way of processing figures and the aid the tools offers to you when you create your different projects.

Those who have tried this kind of application know how handful is a bit of help when you have to design a building or a big object as soon as possible. This software can help you with your work.

Program your designs with this software

One of the classical uses of AutoCAD is architecture of industrial design, but it really does what you need. It is not an easy program and it will take you time to get used to all its functions. You can take a look around the Internet and look for some tutorials to get into 3D Modelling & CAD.

Once you know how the application works you will start creating all kind of objects or modify default items. There are plenty useful functions included such as 3D rendering or scanned drawing capture.

Variety of tools for you

AutoCAD provides you with some interesting functions that will make easier the creation of your different designs. Among these there is the 3D Free-Form Design Tool which allows you to manipulate the objects, pulling different sides and changing its shape. AutoCAD also has scanned drawing capture which is pretty useful; it consists on digitalize your hand drawing and it allows to alter the item.

However, if don’t have enough with the tools it offers by default you can get more with add-ins. This allows you to have even a greater variety of functions for your work. Thanks to its high performance engine all the objects you create with this application will have a great quality.

Competitors like Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture or FlashCAD ccan’t get to its level and are considered more basic tools that are available to download in case you are interested. If you need a great a powerful design tool this is your best option.

AutoCAD 2016 Features

Below there are the main features of this CAD utility:

  • Design Feed option to let you communicate with your co-workers
  • Files sync thanks to Autodesk 360 connectivity and improved Ribbon interface
  • Social media integration (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Library to view, select and edit materials
  • Improved Autodesk Exchange App
  • User Interface can be customized for specific projects
  • Connection between your design and real environments (live maps)
  • Design free 3D shapes
  • Designs classified in multiple tabs to give easier access in one single window
  • Autodesk Inventor Fusion
  • Option to delete duplicate objects
  • Annotate scales to apply on your objects
  • Reality capture option
  • Secure load to prevent AutoLISP and VBA apps running

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AutoCAD is the CAD utility more complete nowadays. It will fulfill your expectations once you get used to its free and intuitive workflow.

  • Great tools
  • Powerful engine
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to download
  • Hard to use
  • Expensive license


For what are you going to use the program?
  • for my school, because i am an architect student at universidad autonoma benemerita de puebla, i need to design buildings, houses, structures, etc.

  • persuing my graduation in civil so learning the software as it is very important for my carrer and now a days they are asking for every jobs


  • B.I would like to add modifications on the current railway infrastructure layout that is currently on an AutoCAD drawing on my PC I only do have a AutoCAD view program

  • I would like to use it for my university thesis, and my core subject is in the Mechanical engineering, by having ACAD software it will help me better visualise

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used auto cad 2010 presently,now i would like to use the latest autocad software to upgrade my professional carrier .alos to get more

  • corelcad and autocad light over the pass five years and found that I need more acces to 3d models and other item to help me in my project for the goverment

  • my first try cause i want to learn how to draw drawing in architectural plans. I am currently studying construction building and therefor this trial is a challenge

  • AutoCad 360 program to do architectural design and layout for a project involving the spacing of a softball, baseball and soccer fields at north high school

  • cad and all office micrsofts and archicad and painting abd using 3Dmax also used acca architecture for 3D shots and sketch up is very easier

What do you like most about this program?
  • user friendly, easy to understand and comprehend. can be used for student and professionals as well. loaded with features that are up to date

  • The most i like about this program is designing a lot of houses and it makes me happy and enjoy while use drawing something new about what i think

  • Drafting and Design options available are very good to do using this software. I think that it is one of the best softwares for 2d and 3d drawings

  • great perspectives and trustable , makes communication much more clear and technical, saving time and loose ends, plus the context is global

  • 3 D Images and designing for building and other construction programs. I also like this becuase it is most widely used in engineering design



By Rock Raymond

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Auto CAD is a Computer-aided design that helps the user with designing the objects and also the images.When designing things with this software,you do that piece of work in an easy way and you can even go on and download so many different elements from the computer and modify the drawings you have made in a 2D and 3D system.I choose to be using this system because of its work rate when processing figures and more,the help provided by the nice tools that it contains when you are creating different projects in your computer.

What makes this tool somehow hard to use to the bigginers is that it is usually used by the architectures to design big buildings but you will get used to it as soon as you start working with it because this tool can overall do any kind of the work that you wish to.There is the 3D Free-Form Design Tool which allows each and every user to manipulate is objects by pulling them in different sides and then changing their shapes.There is also the scanned drawing capture which helps you to digitalise your hand drawing and even allowing you to alter the items that you want to alter.

This is the best powerful design tool since all the others competitors such has the Ashampoo3D CAD Architecture or Flash CAD can not even near its work rate and it functions are far ahead of these others.


  • It has the design feed option to let you communicate with your co-workers.
  • There is the library to view,select and edit materials.
  • There is the option to delete the objects that you no longer see useful.


  • For one to get the required license,you will use alot of money making it more expensive.
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Enhance your designing experience with Auto CAD tool it is the best

By Everlyne Naliaka

On Monday, March 23, 2015

Auto CAD 2015

Today in the field of computer and technology everything is done in computer, AutoCAD is the best computer aided design tool developed by auto desk Inc.; it is a computer aid tool that allows you to design and create objects the way you want. Intelligent features included in this program make your workflow easy and perfect. It is a famous series of product designed for industry needs. Most architecture and designers in civil engineering industry uses this AutoCAD to create and design computer aided models professionally.

With this tool you can modify and create any Imaginable idea to 2D and 3D design. It includes wide and interesting features that supportyour needs, among the features includes: 3D free-form design tool that allows you to manipulate and change object shape, scan drawing picture that enables you digitize and alter the object. More tools can be accessed with add-ons if you cannot find them on default.

Its high performance engine and useful pretty functions creates high and great quality products. It is a complete application that always fulfils your needs.


  • Contains great tools and powerful engine
  • Gives out best quality projects


  • It is difficult to use to new users
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By Dann Kamau

On Monday, January 26, 2015

AutoCAD 2015

People involved in architectural designs and other kinds of big object design have a lot to thank AutoDesk Inc who developed this fantastic program. The work of images and objects design have gone along way after the program’s development. It comes with very well designed features and tools that enables users to produce object images of high quality in very short times.

You can create and modify drawings in 2D and 3d using its intelligent features and assisted functions making workflow become extremely easy. This program can store and download free templates that can be used to lessen workload.

Some of the notable special features that come with the program includes:

• Connection between your created images and the environmental surroundings

• A design feed option that enables you to communicate with your co-workers

• A well stocked library where you can view, select and edit materials

• Its user interface can be customized for specific projects

• Social media interaction (i.e Facebook and Twitter)


  • It makes the work of design easy and of high quality
  • Comes with many advanced tools and features


  • It is a rather complicated program to use
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